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Brian Smith was born to a lower-class family, raised between Illinois and California, and delved into the world of drugs as a teen and learned the consequences. After being forced to choose between joining Army and going to jail, he lifted himself up from rock bottom and went on to build an American dream. Brian has built over fifty successful companies and has helped over 18,000 business owners, leaders, managers, and employees realize their individual advantages on all seven continents.

In Individual Advantages: Find the “I” in Team you will be led on the path Brian used to recognize his short comings, tackle, and conquer them. You will learn what the “I” in team really is and that without it there would be no team at all. Find the “I” in Team is the first of three books designed to engage you in:

  • Discovering your inner and outer self
  • Finding your influence and that effect on others
  • Defining your meaning of prosperity

Slow down, relax, and enjoy as this story takes you on a journey to shine a light on your own individual advantages, proving once and for all that there is and always will be an “I” in team.

Individual Advantages: Be the “I” in Team emphasizes that your greatest responsibility is your influence. In Be the “I” in Team, you will learn how to be a positive influence and leader for yourself and your teams. The authors, Dr. Brian Smith and Mary Smith, use real-life experiences as leadership development experts to discuss:

  • Being your best self so you can contribute your unique influence
  • How to delegate, hold accountable, define values, and find balance
  • The benefits of slowing down and staying in the moment
  • Remaining humble, mindful, honest, and consistent
  • Paying attention to details and investing in self-education

We believe your single greatest responsibility is your influence, and we want to help you have a positive one. By understanding how to be a great leader, you can build, empower, and balance your teams. Be the “I” in Team lays the foundation for reaching your and your teams’ goals. Individual Advantages: Be the “I” in Team is the second installment of The I in Team Series.

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