You should be comfortable knowing that you won’t always be happy and accept that. When you can accept life for all its peaks and valleys, you can begin to understand life more clearly. You set yourself up for success, not failure, when you strive to be content.


Every action we take, word we express, and thought we allow to permeate our mind has the power to be influential. That means, to some degree, we are all role models. Your responsibility is to be the best influence you can in all interactions.


The high road is a place that leaders need to travel to differentiate themselves and their organization from other leaders or organizations. It can be lonely and unpopular, but I have yet to find a high road that was not the right road.


The mind itself is such a powerful tool. We can use our brain’s power to our advantage, we only need to work the parts that will support our desire to be in the present. The two things we need to train our minds to acknowledge our outside triggers—or, I should say, to not lock us into such a deep focus that our mind takes us from thought to thought and action to action while in comfortable focus—are habit and willpower.


I believe in striving for a state of contentment. When we feel content, we feel centered with who we are, where we are, what we are, and why we are. It also allows us to appreciate and fully immerse ourselves in the emotion of happiness. It becomes a welcomed surprise to feel happy, like a special present we get to hold for periods of time.